Eating a Purple cake once in a while is important to maintain sanity levels. Blueberry is pure gold. Shenanigans worth zero apology.!

A plea to god

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Dear Lord,

Show mercy on the mankind and relieve us all from the pangs of illness and the pandemic. Bestow on us relentlessly your abundant blessings for our protection and wellbeing. Our prayer is not just for an individual, family, city, state, country, world but for our celestial existence as billions of souls. Souls of not just humans but every living organism thriving on your planet.

Certainly we humans are trying to find the positive during these distress times. We are trying to find joys by seeking inward journeys, being self conscious and self intervening. We are spending leisure time with our family caring and nurturing them. We are inclining towards art to find solace. We are doing all our errands own. We are trying to keep up our spirits up. From every part of the world our prayers are reverberating, for you to protect us all. This miniscule virus has taught us, what heavy lectures and discourses couldn’t possibly do. It has made us replenish ourselves and repair our systems by pondering about who we are without any titles. We all are same. Dealing with the same pandemic on different geographical locations. And you can see us all. So why don’t you turn up and put an end to this agony?

I know you have something for all of us here too, some lessons to learn. You win we lose. It’s heartbreaking to see people losing their lives. You have again reminded of how powerful you are and of not underestimating a small micro organism. 

But now oh dear lord forgive the human race of all the sins and save us please. Save the world.






It was children’s day that we had this “Expression- heart on the canvas” activity for the students as well as for the staff. Our topic was ‘World in 22nd century’ and this was what i had made.

Black beauty


You are a beauty!
I’m learning to strum your chords, one at a time. It’s very taxing;
yet i can’t get over you.

My senses adore the melody you render.
My fingertips are numb & sore
but i can’t give up on you.
You reverberate and my soul stirs.

I yearn to fondle you passionately.
And i know you want me to do that to you.
You’ve given me a new leash of life,
And i absolutely adore you!

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(This is river ‘Narmada’ where my beloved nani’s last rites were performed. You- denotes to the river, She- denotes to my nani)

You are
a sacred pause,
like a homecoming.
Waving the currents of her solace,
until it meets the banks of my senses.

Baptising, healing, reuniting
the souls beyond just skin,
Into your deepest nurtured treasures
aye river, my love has been surrendered.

I’ve come here to say her hi,
she speaks to me here,
boundless in crystal clear sounds.
We don’t talk in words,
it’s too worldly, hackneyed.

She was expansive yet absolute.
With every tide high & low
the echoes of her laughter reaches me.
I watching the ripples settle.
She left us to be divine,
you are her home now.

When the rapids gushes,
stream of her songs reverberate
in my ears.
You also narrate to me
the same old tales
just like she did.
I like paying you both visits.

You are strong enough to hold a ship,
yet gentle to slip fingers through.
Oh holy river, the density of memories you create,
touches the recess of my ached bosom.
She was just like you, an elixir!

Tapping the flow that one can’t tame,
once passed never returns to the same.


I miss you nanima.



Ate a rainbow cake in the jar and planted a jade in it. A great setting on my study table. 😍

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Beyond the purview of a ‘pride’ radar
your legendary frequency thrives
such euphoric is your milestone
that it calls for a jive.
The echoic applause you deserve
is my prime, for you gotta degree
despite of making you pay notes
asks for the biggest denomination-
a student’s toil.

Fighting back the doldrums
where all the uncertainties thrive
IIM Calcutta is the name
where Joka’ites pointers trip & collide.
Countless hours of group projects
and thick bound pages to memorize.
Where guests lectures, presentation
and assignments
is not bigger a deal than
listening straight to a professor
until the sunrise.

You won over the noisy drummer
and the mark display chores
And with every pranayam counts
you rose up and shone.
Why shouldn’t i call you a powerhouse of energy?

Chuckling over your GOD’s joke was
even my merry time. Clicking on jetty and not jumping off
to swim like a fish with comrades
was alright, but
cooking on induction stove since internship was beyond my imaginary sight.

Acing a faceoff with laterals placements,
Chalo was your way.
Creating exemplary memories
now comes the convocation day!
How dapper you look in the black robe and pink scarf.
The tassel on your hat twirl side to side,
living the dream and learnings way beyond
you bid adieu to the journey that taught you right.

I know you in many ways
a best friend, an alter ego,
a crazy beau, a spiritual mate,
study buddy, humor counsel,
snack gobbler, millennial genie
and what not?!
But today your ‘inspirational’ facet sparkles
and give me goals.

May bountiful glory
bestow upon you, as they say.
I cannot deny or keep calm,
but express in everyway.
Congratulations for this and
wait for more such timeless grace.