River// Nanima


You are
a sacred pause,
like a homecoming.
Waving the currents of solace,
until it meets the banks of my senses.

Baptising, healing, reuniting
the souls beyond just skin.
Into your deepest nurtured treasures
aye river, my love has been surrendered.

I’ve come here to say her hi,
she speaks to me here,
boundless in crystal clear sounds.
We don’t talk in words,
it’s too worldly, hackneyed.

She is expansive yet absolute.
With every tide high & low
her laughter echos.
I watch it while it soars and settles.
She left us to be divine,
you are her home now.

When the rapids gushes,
stream of her songs reverberate
in my ears.
You narrate to me the same,
deep stories also,
just like she did.
I like paying you both visits.

You are strong enough to hold a ship,
yet gentle to slip fingers through.
Oh holy river, the ripples of memories you create,
touches the recess of my ached bosom.
She was just like you, an elixir!

Tapping the flow that one can’t tame,
once passed never returns to the same.


I miss you nanima.




Ate a rainbow cake in the jar and planted a jade in it. A great setting on my study table. 😍

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Beyond the purview of a ‘pride’ radar
your legendary frequency thrives
such euphoric is your milestone
that it calls for a jive.
The echoic applause you deserve
is my prime, for you gotta degree
despite of making you pay notes
asks for the biggest denomination-
a student’s toil.

Fighting back the doldrums
where all the uncertainties thrive
IIM Calcutta is the name
where Joka’ites pointers trip & collide.
Countless hours of group projects
and thick bound pages to memorize.
Where guests lectures, presentation
and assignments
is not bigger a deal than
listening straight to a professor
until the sunrise.

You won over the noisy drummer
and the mark display chores
And with every pranayam counts
you rose up and shone.
Why shouldn’t i call you a powerhouse of energy?

Chuckling over your GOD’s joke was
even my merry time. Clicking on jetty and not jumping off
to swim like a fish with comrades
was alright, but
cooking on induction stove since internship was beyond my imaginary sight.

Acing a faceoff with laterals placements,
Chalo was your way.
Creating exemplary memories
now comes the convocation day!
How dapper you look in the black robe and pink scarf.
The tassel on your hat twirl side to side,
living the dream and learnings way beyond
you bid adieu to the journey that taught you right.

I know you in many ways
a best friend, an alter ego,
a crazy beau, a spiritual mate,
study buddy, humor counsel,
snack gobbler, millennial genie
and what not?!
But today your ‘inspirational’ facet sparkles
and give me goals.

May bountiful glory
bestow upon you, as they say.
I cannot deny or keep calm,
but express in everyway.
Congratulations for this and
wait for more such timeless grace.



Time stretches while i wait

like endless eight, etched on our fate.

It neither start nor end with my mate.

Like droplets of water fulfilling

barren land to a swarming lake.

Of engulfing waves gushing over

a ship: wretched, yet striving to sail.

With hope of life and fear of death

written all on the very same page.

Nature’s push rocked our swing in motion

From where we dreamt of paradise,

Now that we’re not able i realize.

we were playing all this while,

with a blank dice.



Recently i came across this beautiful view and i couldn’t stop myself but share here. I’ve been a keen admirer of birds and i found this one so divine!!

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It’s Bro time!


I adore how cutely you shout on me with your tender lips, trying to pronounce raging words sounding sweet instead.

Your tiny fingers notoriously poking on my arms when i try to sleep, while you run away in unmatched joy is cherishable.

The pitch you scream tantrums of how you dislike vegetables in your plate but you don’t mind asking for cheese instead. You are so on point.

I like how you let me pull your supple cheeks when you motionlessly binge watch Shinchan episodes.

Then hurriedly aping the cartoon you hop all over the place with your friends and roll on the floor somersaulting like a ninja.

I know you like airguns popping out cushion balls aiming people, while i try to save my face as if it were real.

I never felt so happy chasing anything, but your swift bicycle in the porch. I wonder when did you become so fidgety?

I was never so sure of your self reliance, until i saw you littering the floor with thermocol balls but taking up a charge to clean it with your 6 inch miniscule broom.

Your prententious poses like that of a girl, while wearing frock from your mother’s stock, was the funniest comedy show of the era i’d ever seen.

I’m surprised how you still manage to chant god’s name following a small meditation, just like an innocent buddhist monk kid. Kudos bro!

Seeing you effortlessly switch modes of smartphone and progressing every level at Oggy’s video game, makes my eyes gawk at you more, like possibly how??!

Arranging all your scattered toys on the floor was tedious though, but you never made me do that alone.

I’m a fan of you and your buddy’s weird details in an explanation when trying to prove your points.

I wish i knew how to bake a strawberry cake for you, to chill your mouth as you say, you’d anytime wish for.

And thank god you didn’t mention your escape city as ‘Goa’ to threaten me this time, we want you right by our sides.

The way you slurp & then gulp Maggi is a moment that i wouldn’t want to miss and join you along to relive my childhood.

Your selfie smart face made me look silly even after applying multiple filters to be honest. And who taught you face palming, when i forgot to say cheese while clicking our picture?

The swag with which you use loofah smearing bodywash while bathing, was louder than the weird notes you sang like a bathroom singer.

Dreamer boy like you are rare, who follows a ritual of listening to bed time tales from father, while going off to sleep.

I have never seen you run out of energy even after your hectic routine of notorious acts, one of them for instance, is spraying water on everyone’s faces at home.

Your delightful face while eating french fries makes me wonder how easily you find joy in small things.

You scared me with your disappearance the other day.  Hide & seek fascinates you way too much, which i would now take a note of.

You were quite self reliant of your age, which was evident while you chucked me when i wanted to escort you downstairs to your friend’s.

I couldn’t believe my eyes watching you decline calls on your mother’s phone, while you were in the middle of cracking the next level of video game and leaning on me like I’m your sofa. You give me prioritising goals.

May your Storehouse of energy never have their servers face down time and the cape of your super hero costume flutter higher & higher everyday.

I know you will take care of our grandmother very well, you possess real superpower bro. Peckles on your cheeks like always.

‘But I want to say one thing’ and ‘Surprise’ are your favourite punchlines. And if you’d ask mine, it would be just one word-





The Captive World- A short story

“We bought this flat for Rs. 30 lakh, how can you say it belongs to you, just shut up!” I overheard while passing by an opened door in one of my neighborhood like an eavesdropper. I saw the old man who was shouting over his phone & his face grew vermilion due to his rage. I realised it was not any other aged man, but a familiar & a soft spoken person Mr. Ahuja.

Since i was badly exhausted i walked past the commotion and took the stairways to reach the above floor to my flat. Wondering what wrong had happened with Mr. Ahuja that raged his ire so much. After reaching my home, i slept for over an hour until my phone buzzed. It was my landlord, which i knew was a reminder call for me to clear my current month’s due rent. After freeing myself from the burden of this routine payment via internet i lied down on my bed and breathed in the silence of my house. Exactly that silence what the elites often confuses with peace. Suddenly i started missing my family, my pet dog who were away from me living in a small tranquil town living a slow paced life. The cloud of nostalgia thundered over me.

The mechanism of city life & a corporate job was hard to cope up with was my another abrupt realisation. More after recalling the old man’s over rated statement, i felt he was defied for all his life in believing that he owns the property, not factually but like figuratively. I felt we are nothing more than slaves who are merely collecting piles of coins and bundles of greens to choking our souls with litter. Forgetting that no freaking treasures can buy us that piece of land, let alone a flat. Mr Ahuja was one such man who was deceived. Buying land from whom is the question. As a student of life i have been taught that earth does us a favour, afterall humans are his mere dusty tenants on her ancient debris.

Much ironically i laughed while recollecting old man’s statement, but at the same time it was threatening me inside with the serious question, ” what assets do i own today that i will fall back on?! ” I was simply caught in a dilemma and was bombarded with contradictory questions. I was wondering what utopia was? Was it a civilized life like what i was living or was it a rustic life which we urbane cuss and call names like backward mobs.

My mind was too heavy with this blow off, making me think which folks do i actually belong to. Bringing me to another self realization that if we human have been caught in an endless race, in which if we don’t run we will be mocked at, and if we run we will be tired as heck. All this continued until when, my door bell rang putting an end to my blabbering mind. I rushed to open the door and found it was the very same old man, Mr. Ahuja. For a moment i was clueless of the situation what he came to me for. He explained me about the troubles he faced due to his lease papers that was the root of his frustration. It needed him to write some legal letters and me being a copywriter fellow was his first idea of help so he chose me. I tried my mind over the matter and wrote what possibly i could. When he was about to leave after partial satisfaction of the task i had performed, i asked him a personal question.

“Why do you fight for matters of land at this age, when anyway you have no heirs?”

He actually went silent for a couple of minutes longer than usual. He then answered, “I am caught in the world of illusions that i can’t let go of, captive in the world of greed.”

His answer came from deep down unabashed, the crude and gross reality of life!