Dark love

This couple gives me chills like no one other. #tbh



Don’t mistake flattery for love.

Don’t mistake lust for love.

Don’t be there to fit their needs.

Don’t be ‘alone hence, friends’.

Don’t audition for your worth.

Don’t be their secret.

Flattery can be earned from assistant.

Lust can be bought from the markets.

Needs can be outsourced to firms.

Loneliness can be cured with animals & machines.

Auditioning is only worth when you need a job.

Secrets are proud people’s worst suit.

We are not looking for any of the above.

We’re not here for what money can buy,

but only to be priceless.

We are too dead to die for anyone, 

for we, as a self are enough.

We are infinity.



I sense disappointment while i stood 

waiting & searching for the one.

Broken and tattered in hope

i strive to pound and beat.

Risking the key to my tender heart 

i breathe in the air of folly.

How nasty i betted on me for you and lost again.

My voice aches to utter why 

i feel heavy when i’m absolutely void.

Emptiness is supposed to make you feel light, right?

Either i expected too much or you deserve too less.




We are slaves collecting piles of coins,

and bundles of greens

to choke the pit of our soul with litter.

Forgetting that no frickin’

treasure can buy us that piece of land. 

Buying land from whom, is the question.

I have been taught the Earth does us a favour.

Afterall, humans are mere dusty tenants 

on her ancient debris. 

Winning battles and then transforming

to what? carbons or finer soot? 

and then anyway joining the scheme of vast empty space.

Much misunderstood and we say we own it!! 



Eating panipuri from each other’s plate

was never fun like this.

Watching your giggle bursting into 

laughter was never so therapeutic.

Taunting for my gluttony tendencies

never made your face look so cuter.

The last bite of your zinger was

beyond any fulfillment of the palates.

Not that i love food any less,

but i love you more.



Image source:  Pinterest


The score turned mellifluous

once the cupid’s arrow hit hard.

His little band of cherubs

jeweled up the void with fireworks.

Gone bonkers with their gift of gravity,

the spell is just irrevocable.

Trumpets blew melody to ears

and roses woven with satin ribbons

were angelic to behold.

My half filled heart turned full

ushering out every gloom,

for someone stays in it now.