I’m following the road map 

to your core field,

and it’s pretty gothic to explore.

My head is going dizzy and i get blotches.

The dead flowers and piercing eyes of owl

scare me on the way down the lane.

Compass pointed me to the direction of 

void and then i remember the way is 

nowhere but,

inside my own heart cave.


Dogga louvv

Came across this quote and i can’t agree more to this. If i had to pick up one of the above choice it would certainly be dogs. No offense to my human comrades, but i think dogs are more deserving of human love, more even than humans itself. 

To pet a puppy is now in my bucket list. Maybe a Labrador retriever, or a beagle for that matter. I don’t know when, but certainly someday.

Sri Sri’s Birthday- 13th May

sri sri.jpg

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is a globally accoladed crusader of peace; a spiritual leader who brought a renaissance in the field of global harmony & holistic wellness through his teachings from the Art of Living Courses.

Birthday of this humanitarian leader is unanimously celebrated all over the world on 13Th May, in more than 156 countries unlike other ambassador of peace in the country. His Holiness, who also is a recipient of the highest civilian award of the nation ‘Padma Vibhushan’ award purports the vision of stress free & violence free society.

The opportune date ’13th May’, whose Hindi translation is “Tera Main” is very relatable of he belongs to the world at large. It was probably his first indirect way to convey his devotion to the society as soon as he arrived.

The world saw the first streak of awakening in the year 1956, when Sri Sri (also dearly addressed by his devotees as Gurudev or Guruji) was born in Papanasam district in Tamil Nadu, India on the 13th of May. The name of his birthplace is a Sanskrit word which speaks for itself as it means obliterating evil in Sanskrit.

His parents Visalakshi Ratnam and R.S.Venkat Ratnam had indeed very aptly named him as “Ravi” which means ‘the Sun’. He got his second part of the name ‘Shankar’, as his birthday was on Sunday and his parents ardently believed in the holiness of the saint Adi Shankara. He was bestowed upon as a tribute to the mankind and people who have attended his Art of Living Courses would second me on this in high probabilities.

Sri Sri will be celebrating his 61st birthday this year and many more to count in the future years.

Basking a lot of love from all his disciples , Sri Sri’s birthday celebration brings along a wave in the ocean of utter joy and harmony for all its seekers. Honoring his presence is just like worshipping the rekindled souls that he awakened in millions of folks.

Gurudev’s birthday no lesser than a fanfare of millions of devotees from all walks of life, who adorn him with different hues & shades of gratitude. Gurudev is no lesser than a messiaha who has spread bliss through his revolutionary & a powerful breathing technique, “Sudarshan Kriya”. He was a child prodigy who amazed people and reiterated that the world was waiting for him, right from the beginning of his life journey.

All his devotees who visit the Art of Living International Ashram, Bangalore and other devotees who connect with him via social media, have colossal of wishes to pour in. No life can be better without a master in it and what can be more amazing if one gets to pay him visit during his birthday celebration. Fortunate are the people who are present at the Bangalore Ashram on this very day, as the master himself is present at the Ashram this year unlike most of the times.

There are lot of cultural activities, yagyas, pujas, homas, courses which happen at its Ashram during this time of the year which devotees comes to attend from all parts of the world. The Sadhaks and his followers also carry out green initiatives, cleanliness campaigns, organises mega satsangs, award felicitation ceremonies etc. to empower people towards goodness and holistic growth of self and society at large globally.

Sri Sri’s aura is not restricted to his physical presence but his digital footprint ensures his blessings outreach to his every seeker. Gurudev is virtually active on social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram where the live streaming session of his birthday is telecasted every year. Despite of the whopping number of followers Gurudev entertains wishes all around the globe with hastags like #HappyBdaySriSri on Facebook, Twitter etc.

At various cities in India sadhaks take sankalpas on Gurudev’s birthday to bring joy in lives of more and more number of people. Quoting Gurudev’s sincere words, “Everything in this creation is a sign of creation” holds good in making life of every individual more happier and invigorating the purpose of life and manifesting till its absolute. An utopian world is not a dream for those, who are on the path follower of this master.

Gurudev’s motto of “Sangachaddwam”, which in English means “we walk together” brings along folks together to mediate, sing, dance and dive into the divine chasm of utter peace and nirvana during his birthday celebration on a larger scale.

13th May is a day which Gurudev often terms as the birthday of the volunteers with whose equally active participation has brought this non-voluntary organisation at zeniths. Today is the day when the sound of joy echoes in more than 156 countries in the world map. The celebration is undoubtedly magnanimous and the its center is a must visit during this time of the year.

Guest Post 3 –

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Culturing fine habits can be a daunting task. For me its editing somebody else’s content. It is just like applying silly photo editing filters, which are seemingly more appealing than the original picture. Such makeover when done on a daily basis, are sure to triggers monotony, and later in the afternoon thrives nothing but sleepiness. Though i make use the spaces in between smartly.

It is one of those instances when you will feel you have been forced to attempt the most uncreative task in your writing career. Ughhh!

The downsides of working on a general knowledge portal is that the contents needs timely updation. Why am i saying this? it’s because i have been bearing with it from past two month and still doing it. *Wish this part ends soon*

But the problem only arises when it is about editing somebody else’s article. I can edit, re-edit my article and can minimize my 1500 word size into 500. I can do all sorts of experiments with my piece of work, as it was my creation & ideation. It reminds me of the days when we were kids who used red pens to check old notebooks to imitate our school teachers. I use to write remarks such as “fair!”, “make correction”, v.good” in remarks. And not to forget one big pompous signature at the end, plus the date below its slash. Those fine days *nostalgia*

Coming back to right now to this editing thing, it’s probably the universe’s mysterious way of polishing my editing skills for good, is what i suspect. LOL!

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As i shared with you all previously, that my work is getting featured in (an online magazine), here is next one that i present to you titled as “Unsaid truths of Valentine’s week”. This one is basically a conversation between “HE & SHE” during the valentine’s week. I have tried to put light on the two inseparable aspects of HE-SHE talks; One is what they speak aloud, another one is what they speak only in their minds.

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